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About Me

Hey guys I'm Shae, the founder and sole wig maker at ABO Wigs.
Wigs are a huge passion of mine.
In the past I would always bleach and dye my hair, because I get bored easily and wanted a change in colour/style, eventually my hair started to break because of all the chemical damage.
I knew that I needed an alternative, rather than constantly damaging my hair.
So I started making wigs! And I am so in love with this choice.

I love to see the outcome of all my wigs, even if I get the same order 10 times.

I do really enjoy making them, and I love to play with colour, so if you have any creative ideas that you would like to try, then I am your girl! Or If you want simple, let's do it!

Just send me a message and let's chat about what you are looking for, or select one of the wigs from the Shop All section.


Fun Fact
I actually graduated in Fashion and Textiles design, but I love creativity, and making wigs is a love of mine.
Working with colour is the best part. I am always willing to work with you to creating exactly what you imagine.


The Brand

ABO Wigs is about people being able to express and be themselves without being judged or scared to do so.
It's about opening yourself up to all the different paths, cultures, colour ways, uniqueness, and creativity in the world, and accepting everyone as they are!


I would like to target individuals suffering from hair loss, Alopecia, hair damage, those going through Chemotherapy & Fashionistas.
Fashionistas who can't keep one hair style for too long, and loves a change, like me! 
Those wanting head covering for religious purpose, i.e. Sheitel.
& Newbies, who have never worn a wig before, but would like to give it a try!
Everyone is welcome!



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